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The leaders of UK plc have determined that the future economic health of the country is at risk because not enough innovatory work is going on. They fear that Europeans, and specifically the British, will be the ones employed in low-grade sweated jobs in future.

The Research & Development Tax Credit scheme (RDTC) offers companies large and small a reduction in their burden of corporate taxation in respect of any ground-breaking and innovatory work they undertake. In the HMRC definitions Research & Development is not restricted to abstruse laboratory work but is defined much more widely.

The problem is that take-up of the scheme in the UK is lower than in many other countries, particulalry for SMEs. And yet the scheme actually offers specific opportunities to the SME sector, mentioning engineering, science based developments, IT software and systems of all sorts and business process improvement. Yet a surprising number of players in this section of the business world are ignorant of what it offers.

Butler Basford and Lord Limited can help your company frame a claim under the scheme with the minimum of fuss and an excellent prospect of success, as our track record shows.

What makes us different? There are plenty of advisory firms offering help to potential claimants. But our experience and research has shown that there are very few serving the SME market who do so with real knowledge of the science, engineering and IT world. This in depth knowledge and experience allows us to maximise claim values. David Butler is the former chairman of Butler Cox plc and a former director of AT&T Istel. Tony Lord is a Chartered Engineer with a wide industrial experience to offer.

Butler Basford and Lord Limited is a company combining inside knowledge of the SME world with financial and operation know-how.

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